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Psychologist advises, photographers agree: Having a Positive Self-Image is Healthy

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Psychologist advises, photographers agree: Having a Positive Self-Image is Healthy

A positive self-image begins at birth with much love and kindness from parents. Often parents will choose to have their baby photographed. The maternity photography is then a keepsake as well as a foundation for high self-esteem for the rest of a person’s life. It tells them you started beautiful, you are beautiful now, and in the end you will always be beautiful. People so often forget this simple fact.

What is self-esteem

In the simplest terms possible self-esteem is the option you have about your own self. High self-esteem means that you regard yourself very highly and you feel that you are important while on the other hand low self-esteem is where you look down upon yourself or you simply do not have a good opinion about your own self. Low self-esteem in most case cause depression and one should learn to avoid it. Self-esteem is not all a matter of pride, but it is how much regard yourself as important and how much you see yourself being worth.

Importance of self-esteem

Self-esteem affects virtually every individual aspect of life and it is important for one to have high self-esteem. There are so many reasons to why one should have high self-esteem.

  1. Self-esteem is the condition of thinking well of oneself and most everything one does which helps to achieve their goals in life. People who have low self-esteem are often challenged achieving their goals since they can not believe in what they do or in their ability to reach those goals successfully.
  2. It also greatly relates to believing in yourself. This is what encourages one to do new things. Most people who have a fear of doing new things are always affected by lack of believing in themselves. So it is important to have high self-esteem.
  3. Self-esteem is the biggest thing that makes one respect themselves. With self eastern one is able to respect themselves and even make other people to respect you.
  4. There are people who are not able to make their own decisions this is usually due to a low self-esteem. One who has high self-esteem will believe in themselves and know that they are smart enough to make at their own decision. Apart from making these decisions one is able to make choices that can nourish their minds.
  5. Because of a high self-esteem one is able to make good choices such as living healthy, eating healthy foods, and exercising, all of which will keep them healthy. In essence, esteemed people are able to be responsible for their lives and their actions as opposed to low esteemed people.

Factors that affect self-esteem

It is arguable whether or not a child is born with high or low self-esteem. The way one interacts with the environment around them is what will determine is they grow having high self-esteem or lose it. For instance, a baby is not ashamed of walking naked or burping after a meal, but as they grow they become cautious about such things and that evidently affects their self-esteem.

The people around the child when they are young are responsible for his or her well being. If a child grows in an environment where they are encouraged, where they are appreciated, then they will naturally have a high self-esteem. Other things factor into how a child feels, such as what foods they eat, vitamins, minerals, supplements, self-perception, and many, many other factors.

How people speak about a child is another factor that contributes to how someone grows to see and feel about themselves. If the parents, siblings’, friends speaks well of the child, then they will develop a positive attitude about themselves.

There are some situations where one can begin with a high a high self-esteem, but can suffer considerable damage at the hands of others or themselves. These situations can be of a physical or, often overlooked, purely emotional nature. Many people do not give credence to emotional damage and will often dismiss it without considering it fairly.

In a nutshell one should learn to have a high self-esteem. If you ever felt low about yourself then it is time to build that sense in yourself. It all requires one to take the necessary steps of loving and appreciating themselves to develop a high self-esteem. This can be often incredibly difficult.

Friendly Paints: Fume Free

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The best painters in Boulder, Co. use exterior-grade paints to protect your home!

“These are our favorite paints to use!” exclaims the owner of a local paint contractor in Boulder, Co. They are one of the first to adopt environmentally friendly paints that don’t fill your home with dangerous fumes when your home is painted.

Having a home that is relatively free of industrial toxins is extremely important. These toxins are increasingly linked with dangerous diseases and chronic conditions in children.